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  • Context

    Part I



     Wound healing

     Wound healing

     cal infections and AIDS

     Surgical infections

     The surgical management of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

     Anaesthesia and the operating room

     Anaesthesia for surgeons

     Surgical diathermy

     Electrical safety in anaesthesia and surgery

     Interpretation of lung function tests in the surgical patient

     Blood transfusions and blood substitutes in surgical practice

     Care of the critically-ill patient

     Critical care of the surgical patient

     Cardiovascular aspects

     Renal aspects

     Respiratory aspects

     Infection in the critical care unit

     Critical care management of the trauma patient

     Central nervous system aspects

     Gastrointestinal aspects

     The role of cytokines in bacterial sepsis

     Medical problems in the surgical patient

     Respiratory problems

     Cardiological problems

     Renal problems

     Hepatic problems

     Haematological problems

     Psychological care

     Imaging in the surgical practice

     Conventional radiology

     Computed tomography

     Magnetic resonance imaging

     Gastrointestinal radiology

     Ultrasound imaging

     Imaging in children

     Nuclear medicine techniques

     Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

     Imaging guidelines

     The arteries

    The pathobiology of atherosclerosis

    Chronic periaortitis

    The pathobiology of vasculitis

    The non-invasive vascular diagnostic laboratory

    Vascular prostheses

    Obliterative atheromatous disease

    Aortoiliac disease

    Femoral and distal arteries

    Mesenteric arteries


    Abdominal aorta

    Femoral artery

    Popliteal artery

    Carotid artery

    Subclavian artery

    Visceral arteries

    Mycotic aneurysms

    Extracerebral vascular disease

     Carotid artery

     Vertebrobasilar, subclavian, and innominate arteries

     Carotid body tumours

     Vascular diseases of the upper limb

     Thoracic outlet obstruction

     Raynaud's syndrome


     Renovascular disease

    Arterial emboly

     Arterial emboli: limbs

     Arterial emboli: mesenteric arteries

     Arterial and venous injuries

     Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and laser therapy

     Angioscopy in the treatment of peripheral vascular disease

     Thrombolytic therapy

     Vascular access and other techniques for dialysis and chemotherapy

     Limb amputation 

     The veins Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism

     Venous disorders, vascular malformations, and chronic ulceration in the lower limbs

     Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism

     Abnormalities of the lymphatic system

     Abnormalities of the lymphatic system

     Organ transplantation

    Transplantation immunology and immunogenetics

    Organ procurement

    Organ and tissue preservation


    Kidney transplantation

    Liver transplantation

    Heart and heart - lung transplantation

    Small bowel transplantation

    Experimental small bowel transplantation

    Clinical small bowel transplantation

    Vascularized pancreatic transplantation

    Pancreatic islet and fetal pancreas transplantation

    Xenogeneic transplantation

    Neural tissue transplantation

     Endocrine disease

    The thyroid gland

     Parathyroid glands

     Hyperparathyroidism and the metabolic responses to parathyroidectomy

     Surgery of the parathyroid glands

     The adrenal gland

     Preoperative preparation of patients with phaeochromocytoma

     The breast

     Benign conditions of the breast

     Cancer of the breast

     Needle localization and biopsy of non

     Abnormalities of the male breast

     Endoscopic surgery

     Endoscopic surgery

     The oesophagus


     Perforation, Boerhaave's syndrome, and Mallory-Weiss syndrome

     Benigh oesophageal stricture, reflux, and hiatus hernia

    Reflux disease and hiatal hernias

    Benign oesophageal strictures 

     Diverticula and achalasia

     Oesophageal diverticula


    Benign and malignant tumours

    Surgical oesophageal disease 

     The stomach and duodenum

    Peptic ulcer - stomach and duodenum

    Non-operative management of perforated peptic ulcer

    Carcinoma of the stomach

    Duodenal diverticula and duodenal tumours


    Menetrier's disease

    Gastric volvulus and acute gastric dilatation

    Foreign bodies and bezoars

    Part II

    Part III

    Part IV

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